Developing Your Spiritual Gifts

Debra’s class was eye-opening and life changing for me. Not only did I discover spiritual gifts I was unaware of, Debra provided support and practical tools to help navigate my gifts. Beyond unearthing my talents, the course provided many “aha” moments that helped me better articulate my own intuitive “hunches” over the years. Not only have I been able to put my spiritual gifts to use, but I have learned how to better protect and channel my own energy. – Carrie, California

This 5-week workshop program is designed to:

Identify your specific spiritual gifts

Teach you how to develop them

Strengthen your connection to Spirit

Provide opportunities for in-class/at-home practice

Build confidence in your abilities

This is a fabulous course. Debra is an amazing teacher: very organized, encouraging, supportive, extremely clear in explanations and readily available to give assistance as needed. I was able to develop a great foundation for a variety of spiritual gifts. The homework and in-class practice were extremely beneficial to building these skills, developing the confidence and knowing where one’s strengths or gifts lie. – Cyd, Washington

I enjoyed the class on developing spiritual gifts and learned so much more than I expected to find. The classes and community experience with the course filled my mind with new information and my life with newfound confidence and abilities to experience more meaning in my spiritual experiences. My one on one session with Debra Anne was very insightful and the reading she gave me met some internal needs and questions that I hadn’t even asked her openly. Debra has also connected me with other specialists in their various fields of expertise to help me on my soul journey and I have now completed many of the recommended books she recommended as supplemental materials during the course — all of which have helped me to further develop my spiritual practices with confidence and clarity. Thanks Debra! – Debra, Arizona


The Different Spiritual Gifts:
Intuitive, Psychic, Medium, Healer and Empath

The Best Ways to Ground, Protect and Cleanse
Energy According to Your Particular Gifts

Auras, Chakras, Vibrations and Spiritual Self-Care

Hauntings and Energetic Imprints

Accessing the Wisdom of Your Higher Self

Spirit Guides • Angels • Higher Beings

Receiving Information Via Your Clair Senses
(How to Identify and Strengthen Them)

Psychic Exercises and Tools
(Tarot Cards, Pendulums, Astrology & More)

How to Give a Psychic Reading

(How it Really Looks, Feels and Sounds)

Connecting Your Guides, Angels,
Loved Ones and Pets in Spirit

Get Evidence and Deliver Messages

Working with Clients
Ego, Ethics and Energetic Blocks

I was fortunate to be a student in Debra’s first “Developing Your Spiritual Gifts” course. It was exactly the class I needed before embarking on my study of astrology. She is a gifted teacher and it is evident in her knowledge of spiritual and psychic energy as well as her skills as a medium and an astrologer. The 5-week course is very well organized and set up to help all who desire to further their spiritual talents. Debra is very patient and encouraging in the homework assignments which can sometimes be challenging in the best of ways. The homework was definitely a favorite part of this course and I encourage an open mind when doing the assignments. There is no judgment and you have total support from her. Debra’s instruction and course exceeded my expectations and I found myself learning so much about my own spiritual gifts and where and what I need to improve for my journey ahead. I look forward to Part II of this empowering course. – Maria, California

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