“I had a medium reading with Debra several months ago. I went in with zero expectations and not even knowing if I believed in the whole thing. I have truly never been so surprised in my life. She channeled my father, who passed away 21 years ago. She relayed messages from him that no one on earth would have known or guessed. I was brought to immediate tears but felt a sense of comfort that I have never experienced in my time processing his passing. When you lose a loved one, you tend to go between feeling like they are somewhere “out there” and fearing that they are not. Or at least I do. I now KNOW that he is still here and that he visits me. Debra changed my life with this reading. There’s no way to properly thank someone who does this kind of service for you. She is a blessing and gifted in a way that can only be described as “miraculous”.

Elicia, New Jersey


“I highly recommend Debra! I had a psychic guidance reading with her about 3 months ago and was blown away when she nailed the reason I was there and accurately described the family members who were creating the drama. She gave me excellent insights for navigating the situation until it resolved, which she said would happen after an event she predicted had occurred. The event happened just as she said it would and the situation resolved. She also told me that my boss would be leaving for a new job, my daughter would be accepted to the college of her choice  (early admission) and my son was going to change his major. It all came to pass. Another reason I recommend her is because she’s very down to earth. I felt very at ease with her, and I left the session feeling 100% clearer than when I first walked in!”

Susan, New York


“My session with Debra was everything I hoped for and more. Not only did my Nana did come through but so did my little dog, Coco!  I knew for certain it was Nana not only by the things Debra shared with me but by the way she said them – just like my Nana!  I didn’t expect that my dog would come through but again, I knew it had to be her because of the special details she shared. When we shifted into the psychic part of the reading, she was very accurate about the current state of my love life which was my major area of concern. She clearly saw the issues and offered valuable insights. If you’re thinking about having a reading with Debra, do it because you won’t be disappointed.

Lauren, New York


“Debra’s psychic guidance sessions are remarkable in their accuracy. My company had been bought out recently and I wanted some clarity in what to expect in coming months. From Company restructure, change of management, to certain Apps & App reporting being introduced, I was amazed how exact she was with the information coming through without any prompting. None of the information was generalized but very precise. My reading was so good I’ve been back since to get some clarity with future projects and business.With this information I’m able to prepare and make evaluated choices of my own, for my future. So happy with these readings and will definitely be working with Debra in the future!”

Leilani, Washington


“Debra is amazing! I’ve had two sessions with her, both times were heartfelt and very much needed. I’ve always wanted to get a medium reading but I was so hesitant. I found Debra at the right time and so very grateful for her spiritual gift. She was so spot on, mind you she knows nothing of my life events. I was able to get answers from my father whom I never really had a relationship with. My grandma gave me great advice and it eased my heart to know she is doing great. I’ve recommended so many to her and they’ve had great sessions with her as well. Wow, thank you so much!”

Arielle, New York


“My psychic-medium reading with Debra with wonderful. I never did a phone reading before so I was a little doubtful at first but it was everything I hoped for and more. I was able to connect with my Dad and as a result I gained a new-found sense of peace about our relationship. She’s very open and not at judgmental, which made it easier for me to ask some of my questions during the psychic part of the reading. I highly recommend her and will definitely return again.

Chris, California

“I wasn’t sure what to expect from a medium reading but was impressed with the level of accuracy Debra had. Not only had my aunt and uncle come through, but also my paternal grandfather and two friends from my youth all with specific details. I highly recommend Debra as a medium.”

Barbara, Washington


“I really enjoyed my reading. Your style and easy going nature really put me at ease and made the reading fun. I’ve had psychic/medium readings before, but this one was the best and most accurate one I’ve ever had.  I really felt like my dad was talking to me through you and I’m very grateful.  I can’t believe how the time flew by with all the information you gave me.  If anything comes up from the reading that I couldn’t validate at the time, but can in the future, I’ll let you know.  I’ll definitely tell my friends and family about you. Blessings to you.”

Debbie, Florida


“Debra’s reading was accurate, detailed, and specific. I’ve had readings from world-renowned mediums and hers was one of the best readings I’ve ever had! Let’s say she gave me 100 bits of information. 97 of them were bulls-eyes; 3 of them were in the next, closest circle. I would definitely see her again, and recommend her to others.”

JC, Washington


“As the former owner of a metaphysical bookshop I have met with and had readings by numerous metaphysical practitioners. While most are very sincere high-minded individuals, their talents vary widely. Some believed that they had mediumistic abilities, but unfortunately could not produce verifiable information.

With this background I frankly approached my reading with Debra with extremely limited expectations. I could not have been more astounded when she began providing specific names, dates and autobiographical details without any prompting from me. She is phenomenal, not only matching, but surpassing the skills displayed by most well known mediums working in the public arena today.

In my opinion the ability to provide multiple objective verifiable facts is necessary to be one of the greats and Debra will be in high demand once notice of her exceptional abilities spread through word of mouth. I would urge people to contact her soon because booking with an excellent well-known medium can take years once a reputation of remarkable skill and accuracy becomes public.”

Robin, California


“A beautiful connection…I’ve just had my second mediumship reading with Debra! What amazing energy and accuracy coming from my loved ones. Its all in the power of the “signs” and what we can still learn from those who have passed. It’s dimes that validate for me and I have been seeing and receiving signs regularly. Thank you Debra, as both a gifted astrologer and medium, there is such positivity and light to your spirit! I am so grateful to travel my own spiritual path with you!”

Mikki, Florida


“My sitting with Medium Debra Clement was amazing, fun and thought provoking. Through Debra, I got to hear specific information from my Mom and best friend in spirit. Information that no one else on Earth knew but me. Other family members came forth and communicated as well, but it was my getting to spend heartfelt time with Mom and Tim that completely made my day – heck, my whole year! I feel fifty pounds lighter and light years happier today. Thank you, Debra.”

Eddie Conner, Radio Host and Author


“Thank you for the incredible mediumship reading you gave me and to let you know I was “blown away” by the accuracy of the events in my life that you could not have known and the messages from the people in spirit that you brought to me. It was a memorable, uplifting and life-changing experience. You clearly connected with people from the other side that were an important part of my life and I got some much-needed clarification on issues that were holding me back. Also, thanks for sending an mp3 of our session so I can go back again and again to discover even more insights than I was able to absorb in real time during the reading. Debra, you certainly have a real gift and I want to thank you again for sharing it with me.”

Michael, Pennsylvania


“Being a medium is truly a gift that is bestowed upon those who can honor the craft and be trusted with the message. Two days after my grandmother passed she came through in a medium read with Debra and it was the most beautiful convergence of two worlds conversing that I have ever experienced. Whether you’re looking to find solace, direction or validation from passed loved ones, Debra is truly talented and is a bona fide word whisperer between the heavens and earth.”

Rebecca, Virginia


“Debra truly has an amazing gift that without a shadow of a doubt is purely authentic.  She connected me with many loved ones…even with some deceased relatives that passed before I was born.  She gave me names, months, and images without me even having to say a word.  She not only accurately described my dad and Nonna’s personality, mannerisms, etc., but I could also hear their inflection in her.  Her words left me in such peace knowing that our loved ones truly never die and are always with us. I also received a gift from this reading that I wasn’t even expecting…that my loved ones appreciated me just the way that I am…idiosyncrasies and all!  I walked away with validation and love. I have already replayed the audio file of our session a few times. All you need to bring to a reading with Debra is an open heart and an open mind and she will do the rest. She is kind, empathetic and so willing to help you connect to the other side with comforting words (and sometimes even funny ones!) from spirit. I recommend her highly and will be setting up a session for her to speak with my mom. Thank you, Debra, for sharing your gift with me tonight.”

Jennifer, New York


“I booked a mediumship read with Debra at the recommendation of a mutual friend and was blown away by the experience! Not only did Debra channel three of my loved ones in spirit (including my grandmother who had very recently passed), but she was able to capture the essence, energy, personality and expressions of each one so clearly— I had no doubt in my mind she was making a true connection. Debra not only validated each spirit’s presence with memories and details I would understand, but she also brought forth messages from spirit that applied to my real-world worries and struggles right now. I left this experience feeling so much more peaceful, thankful and connected to my loved ones in spirit. If you’re one the fence, do yourself a favor and book one of Debra’s mediumship reads. You won’t be disappointed!”

Lindsay, Virginia


My wife recently gifted me with a reading with Debra. It’s hard to know where to start a review of the reading I received from Debra. She connected with my grandfather and a friend who recently passed away and shared wonderful messages from them. Debra’s authentic ability to perfectly capture the personality of both my grandfather and friend blew me away. Being able to enjoy a connection with my loved ones brought me so much comfort. I can’t wait to book another read with her in a few months. I’m so grateful you’re sharing this gift with the world. It’s also so nice to have the recording to listen to again (and again) and share with my family and others. They’ll be booking with you soon too!

Jon, Virginia


“I never had a reading by a medium until last summer with Debra. I was stunned by how accurate the information was that I received. There was no doubt in my mind that she was in contact with my loved ones. She delivered a message that in November there would be news that I was going to be a grandmother and it came to pass! I found it especially helpful that Debra emails an mp3 recording of the reading to you so I could listen to it as much as you desire. I have found Debra to be most supportive, empathetic, and professional in all her interactions.  I intend to continue to seek out Debra’s services and highly recommend her.”

Cheryl, Illinois


“Dear Debra,

I have received the recorded session, and I can’t wait to re-listen to it! Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful reading! Being able to get in touch with loved ones and receive the messages they had for me and my family is a priceless experience. I would eagerly recommend you to anyone hoping to get in touch with their loved ones who have passed. Thank you again, and I hope we will be talking again soon in the future!”

Jay, Virginia


My reading with Debra was truly one of the coolest experiences of my life! She was so spot on when channeling my loved ones that have passed and I left my session feeling like I’d made many meaningful connections. I felt a great sense of love, closure and relief from my session with her and I would highly recommend her to anyone I know. I can’t wait to get another read with her! Thank you for sharing your gift, Debra! You’re amazing 🙂

Whitney, Virginia


“Debra is an amazing medium. The reading she gave me brought me the closure that I have been needing since my loved ones passed. She was spot on with the dates and names and I know they really came through because she told me things only they knew. The hour flew by and I didn’t want them to leave, but thanks to her, I know they are with me now more than ever.  Her gift is a blessing and priceless.”

Mary, New York


“I recently had my first private reading with Debra.  I was completely blown away by everything she said.  It felt as though I was talking directly to my relatives and friends who have passed.  She told me so many things that validated the afterlife for me.  Some things I didn’t realize at the time but they made perfect sense when I went back over the recording.  Debra was completely professional while still being warm and friendly.  She gave me a sense that love lives forever.  Thank you Debra, for providing me with the peace I really needed.  You’re the best!”

Christine, California


“Not only is Debra an amazing astrologer, she is an incredible medium!  During my reading, Debra was able to validate my loved ones that have crossed over. She said details and events that only me and my loved ones would know. It couldn’t be googled ;-)!  I felt like I had a direct telephone line to the other side. One of the things that I really respect about Debra is that she makes sure she is saying the correct message and does not try to guess or fill in the blanks. Debra is nurturing and always makes sure that she is telling you everything that spirit wants you to hear. I am in awe of all of Debra’s gifts. Thank you Debra for  all of my connections… love is eternal!!”

Gema, New Jersey


“I had my first reading with Debra a few months ago, and as the weeks have gone by, I am stunned by how accurate she was and how much healing this brought to my life.  I experienced a traumatic loss a few years ago when my brother committed suicide. Debra was able to tune in and share specific details that no one would have known except my brother and me.  She relayed messages from him, which has given me so much peace.  Also during the reading, Debra predicted that another family member from the other side would make their presence known within a few weeks, and sure enough, it happened! Debra is the real deal!

Colleen, Illinois


“Debra has been my astrologer for years and when I got the news she started doing mediumship readings of course I scheduled one immediately!

Long story short, she is the real deal. It takes a few listens and over some time after the initial reading to digest and gather all the pieces and realize how the information that came through in the reading relates to the relationship, or anything in current life. Even if during the reading some detail doesn’t make immediate sense, it will later, almost like an aha moment. Debra brought forth a clear connection(s) and as a result of the reading, I gained what I get these readings for-peace and a sense of overwhelming love in knowing that I am always connected with my loved ones on the other side.”

Merrie, California


“In the midst of some major life changes, I reached out to Debra for a personal reading to support me in my journey. The messages that she delivered to me from my guides and loved ones resonated with me so deeply and helped me to know that I am definitely on the right path, to keep trusting and to have faith that I am being fully supported.

She, through the connection with my guides, provided me with key words of wisdom and tools that I need to incorporate into my daily life to help support me along the way. I am forever grateful to Debra for her sharing her gifts with me and feel blessed to work with her.”

Tania, California


“I am writing you to thank you for sharing your gift as a medium. Your ability to connect with lost members of my family has provided me both peace and validation that there is spiritual connection to the afterlife here on earth. You were able to accurately sense where I was in need of guidance, and share with me uncanny, true to character insights from those that I miss dearly. I have no doubts in your ability to provide others with the happiness you have provided me through your reading. Thanks again!”

Alexander, New York


“My mediumship reading with Debra was wonderful like all the readings I have had with her: precise, professional, with deep integrity. The information I received in no way could she have known through any social media or previous conversations with her. It brought much healing for me with the persons she connected with.”

Michelle, Michigan


“What a reading that was! Looking through my notes and thinking about what you told me, I was even more amazed. The messages from my family were truly a blessing. I believe you have an incredible gift. Thank you again for that special and meaningful reading.”

Teresa, New York


“Thank you for my wonderful reading. It was so validating to hear my parents and grandmother come through especially my husband.  With the way you spoke about each one, I have no doubt that you had them right there communicating with us! You told me things they knew that nobody else would know! With future events that remain to be seen, I am happy and moving forward. Thank you again!”

Maria, New York


“I am so grateful to you for your reading yesterday. I feel acknowledged, inspired, validated, healed and loved. It was such a blessing. I’m so grateful for what you do and the healing it provides. I wish you much success and much love.”

Sheila, California


“I am so grateful to Debra for the reading I received.  It really helped me feel reconnected and that the bonds of love with those who have passed were still strong.  I am amazed how even after over two months, something from the reading clicks.  It was a very healing and moving experience.”

Lynne, Colorado


“I had the pleasure of having a reading done with Debra. She was awesome! Wish I had more time to speak with her.  Definitely would like to set up another reading. She connected with my mom who passed away and spoke words from my mom that gave me chills. She told me many things that didn’t make sense at the time, but now a couple weeks later it is all making sense!!! Will definitely be making another appointment with her soon!”

Michael Anne, New York


“Dear Debra,

I wanted to thank you for the uplifting and inspiring spirit reading you provided to me. I was astounded at the insight and personal information that came through from my loved ones. My son and my father, along with other family members, that are no longer with us on earth, have made themselves known to me; through you.

As you are undoubtedly aware, skepticism is always in our thoughts, but your information from my family left no doubts in my mind. You were able to answer questions and provide insight that only intimate knowledge of the persons involved would know.

I applaud your skills in communicating with the afterlife and I greatly appreciate the reading you gave me. I thank you and appreciate your honesty and integrity and the way you shared and communicated my families information. I look forward with anticipation as to the possibilities hinted at by family members in the near future.

Thank you and may God bless you.”

Joseph, New York