Frequently Asked Questions

Do phone readings really work?

Absolutely. You don’t need to be physically present for me to connect with your loved ones.  Whether you’re sitting next to me or on the other side of the world, I connect with Spirit the same way.

How long after my love one has passed should I wait to have a reading?

The reality is that it varies depending on how one experiences the grieving process. Some individuals may be ready rather quickly while others may not be ready for years.

Will my loved one show up?

No medium can guarantee it. Mediums can issue the invitation, but we can’t force them to show up because just like us, they have free will. Most of the time they do come, but it’s common for other spirits to show up as well.

How can I be sure it really is my loved one?

I make sure I’m communicating with your loved ones by providing multiple pieces of evidence such as names, memories, personalities, dates or other identifying facts that will validate it’s your loved one.

What if the information doesn’t make sense to me?

The majority of the information should make sense to you, but there will probably be a few things that you won’t understand at the time. This is usually because you just couldn’t connect it at the moment or it’s something that has to be validated by someone else (e.g., you need to find out your great-grandparent’s name). I routinely receive emails from clients telling me that something that made no sense during the reading is now crystal clear.

Can I hear from people I’ve never met?

Yes, which is why it’s helpful to know your family history. It’s also possible to hear from someone who’s acting as one of your guides, and on occasion, the spirit of someone you never met but who is connected to someone close to you may show up. When that happens, it’s usually because he/she wants you to deliver a message.

How do you communicate with my loved ones?

I connect with them on an energetic frequency. Since spirits exist at a much higher frequency than humans do, I raise my vibration; and in turn, they lower theirs to the same level as mine. Once connected, I speak to them with my thoughts and receive their messages through mental mediumship. In other words, I receive their messages through a combination of visual images (clairvoyance), sounds and words (clairaudience), thoughts (claircognizance) and physical sensations (clairsentience). Every reading is different. Sometimes I hear names or dates; sometimes I don’t. It all depends on what information the spirit wants to share with me.

Can you communicate with people who never spoke English?

Absolutely. There’s no language barrier in the spirit world. Your loved one’s information comes through to me in words, thoughts, feelings and images that I understand.

Do pets come through?

Yes, and some of them have quite a bit to say! Again, there are no language barriers in the spirit world.

What if you can’t connect to the Spirit world?

Connecting to the Spirit world hasn’t been a problem for me. However, a mediumship reading is a three-way conversation between you, me and your loved ones in spirit. If you’re not open to the experience or aren’t yet ready emotionally to connect with your loved ones, your energy will create a block that makes it difficult, and sometimes impossible, to do so. However, rest assured that if I felt I wasn’t connecting for any reason, I would stop the reading and give you a refund.

Can I have someone with me during the reading?

No, not unless I’ve approved it. I strongly recommend doing the reading by yourself to have the best experience. There’s an additional fee to have a second person with you, because now it’s a dual reading. Since Spirit runs the show, there’s a chance that spirits connected to your companion will show up and dominate the reading, which means you won’t receive one (or vice versa). Also, if your companion is depressed, upset or a hard-nosed skeptic, your companion’s energy can interfere with the connection.

What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

A psychic uses his/her intuitive abilities to perceive information about people, situations and events in the client’s past, present and future by connecting to the client’s energy field (aura), or by tuning into objects and/or discerning the information by reading tarot (or other types of) cards, palms, astrological charts or other spiritual tools.

A medium uses his/her intuitive abilities to connect with the Spirit world and receives information from spiritual beings (e.g., those who have passed, guides, angels). Not all psychics are mediums, but all mediums are psychic.

If you’re just looking for clarity and guidance about your life, a psychic is appropriate. However, if you want to connect with someone who has passed and receive messages from them, you need to see a medium.

Do you use tarot cards, pendulums or other tools during your psychic readings?

No, it’s just me and my psychic abilities.

I have a decision to make. Will you or my Spirit guides tell me what to do?

No, because it’s contrary to the very reason your soul (and mine) came here in the first place, which is to learn certain lessons by exercising our free will.

Why do you have a disclaimer?

Because New York State requires me to have one.