About Readings

Which type of reading should you choose? If you want to connect with a loved one in spirit, you want a spirit medium reading. If you’re looking for clarity and advice about your life, then a psychic guidance session is appropriate. If you want to connect with a loved one and also receive guidance, a psychic-medium reading is the right choice.

Mediumship Reading

A Mediumship reading is basically a conversation between you, me and your loved ones in spirit.

When I connect to Spirit, I completely surrender to it, and it’s important that you do as well. Why? Because while you probably want to connect with specific people, it’s common to hear from other spirits as well, and anyone who shows up at your reading is there for a reason. For the best possible experience you should approach your reading with an open mind, an open heart and a willingness to hear whatever Spirit wants to share with you.

I communicate with those in spirit telepathically. They may show me images in my mind’s eye, speak words in my thoughts or make me feel physical sensations in my body. They usually share initials, names, personalities, memories, favorite objects or other types of detailed evidence to let you know it’s really them, and I give it to you exactly as it’s given to me.

However, since it’s intended for you, I’m not going to understand its significance, so I’ll ask you to validate it. If something doesn’t make sense during the reading, you’ll probably make the connection at a later date.

Although it’s your intention to connect with specific people, I have no control over the order in which they show up or whether they show up at all. Most of the time they do, but on those very rare occasions when they don’t, it doesn’t mean that your loved one doesn’t care about you or won’t show up at a future reading. Be assured that while Spirit may not always give us what we want, it always gives us what we need.

Psychic Guidance Reading

A Psychic Guidance reading is basically a conversation between you, me and your spirit guides about situations, relationships and events in your life that are important to you.

For this reading, I use my psychic abilities to connect with your energy field to see what’s going on in various aspects of your life. By tapping into your energy, I can access information about past events and present circumstances, as well see the outcomes and events that you’re likely to experience in the future. I also use my link to Spirit to access information and guidance from your spirit guides.

Since the purpose of a psychic guidance session is to shed light on your life and help you gain clarity about issues that concern you, I encourage you to prepare questions to ensure that we cover all of your concerns during the reading.

You can count on me to give you clear and honest insight. Hopefully, all of it will make you smile, but there’s always a chance you could hear something that disappoints you. Should that be the case, it may be that you need to look at it from a different perspective. If you disagree with it, I’m not going to debate or argue the point. It’s your information, and you can choose to accept or reject it.

Finally, it’s important that you understand that while it’s my purpose to help you gain clarity so you can make better decisions, I cannot make them for you.

Psychic-Medium Reading

A Psychic Medium reading is a single session that includes a Spirit Medium reading (spirit messages), as well as a Psychic Guidance (clarity, insights) reading.

I’ll start this reading by connecting with Spirit, and I’ll spend the first half of it sharing messages with from your loved ones on the other side.

For the second half, I’ll shift my energy to connect with you on a psychic level, and I’ll use my link to spirit to connect with your spirit guides. From that point on, the focus will be on sharing my intuitive insights and answering your questions about situations, relationships and anything else that’s important to you.

Although the intention is to divide the time evenly, there is some flexibility so should you decide that you want to spend more (or less) time with spirit messages, just let me know.